I know i’ve been rather silent on my blog. 1 year to be exact. It was a year of self exploration and discovery, facing and battling egos (of others and much of my own). I became more and more silent because i felt the need to observe and listen and process rather than to comment and act. However that doesn’t mean i did not form any opinions about my experiences in the last year. I’ve just been processing them so i can find the words for how i truly feel about things before i put them out into the Universe, via my Blog. When i finally broke my silent phase, i confronted the egos that were bothering me (others and my own). I asked hard questions and faced hard answers.

Anyway the fruit of all this is writing. I’m finally writing!!! Songs, poems, one sentence statements sometimes... And for the very 1st time, putting it out here for public scrutiny. So be kind. :) But i just hope that in the long run my thoughts and desire to share will affect positive change in this place i love so dearly called Earth. Okay so here goes....

Paralysis - by Dawn Ho

I feel paralyzed by society

Confused about the quality

Of the things i do and the things i say.

Why do i care anyway?

The question is why do we try?

Why do we try so hard to please?

Spawned from insecurities so complex

And pressures of world and its false facts.

Or perhaps all this struggle for beauty, power and fame,

Is just a sick seduction game.

For some acceptance and maybe love

Or to fit in like a damn glove.

Why do we suffer the desire of being desired?

Yes i feel paralyzed cause i'm getting so tired,

Of obedience to social expectations and their rules.

Do we weigh our worth based upon status, sex and youth?

Bent over backwards by the force of capitalism tryin to feed us its truth!

That acquisition is the solution to the problem of emotional poverty.

Yet the more we gain, the poorer we feel

Love seeking becomes a burden.

And passion a non-commodity.

While we negotiate our value with the things that we possess

To fluff our feathers like peacocks. To rise above the rest

So what kind of rainbow are we living to chase?

Does it bring us happiness and contentment,

or fill us with disgrace?

I feel paralyzed by society

Confused about the quality

Of the things i do and the things i say.

Why do i care anyway?

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