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Magical Jazz Trio by OSG Photography

@OSG Photography

Magical Jazz Trio
Magical Jazz Trio came together in 2013 when they started to play every Wednesday night at the starry rooftop of Esplanade's Orgo Bar. The trio consists of 3 experienced Jazz musicians of the Singapore scene; vocalist Dawn Ho, pianist Aya Sekine, and tenor saxophonist Shawn Letts, who have been each living their own legend, leading unique lives through Jazz. At this time, the stars crossed to bring them together.

Having known each other for many years as friends and colleagues, they've built a trust in each other and their conversations in the music bring an intangible feeling of happiness and joy to them which feels “magical", whilst delivering an art form that is truly close to their hearts - Jazz.
Over the years, the joy of working in music together has honed them into a solid trio. They call themselves ‘Magical Jazz Trio’ because they witness how the bond of friendship and love of making a common art form creates experiences that are simply magical!

☆ Magical Jazz Trio is available for concerts/corporate events & shows for your venue's evening entertainment.

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