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Remembering You.

Dad wrote today to say that he still has a picture of all of us together (possibly at Mom’s birthday) and it reminds him how fragile life and relationships are. When it broken, you can try to put the pieces back together, but its never quite the same anymore. I can’t believe its been a year since you’ve gone. Everyday i still think of you. I hold your green sweater and i remember all the times we’ve shared together. Its a strange and deep sadness... there is nothing to say or do, it’s just there. I wonder if it ever gets better... Thank you for being such a critical part of my life... for being so loving, giving and strong. I miss you.... so much. “ Lost from day to day, and so i turn another way. With a smile, a kind hello, some small talk with some friends that i know. I forget, I’m not over you. For a while. A weak and easy grin and a smile to put them in. With other lives to listen to and some work that i’ve got to do. I forget, that i’m not over you. For a while Days go by with no empty feeling. Until i get home and catch my breath and touch my skin... and i remember.... that you’re gone. People say to me, “you need company. When you have some time to spend, Drop around when you need a friend” They forget that i’m not over you. For a while.” ------- Bob Gaudlo, Jake Holmes.

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