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My meditation today is on giving and forgiving. Listening to a talk of a nun on this topic made me realize some things, so here is my 2 cents worth. (In summary otherwise i could go on

In giving, we have to give without expectations. For if we gave with expectations of getting something in return, we will never fully understand the true happiness and freedom of giving! Giving anything that is precious away... money, time, love. If we expected these things in return, then the purpose of giving is definitely flawed within us. And also when we give... say charity, do we give because we truly want to be generous and help or do we give to boost our own ego? To feel better about ourselves? I for one have yet to reach a state so enlightened that i can give unconditionally all the time. I wish i could and think this meditation helps me to be mindful of that.

Also when we give, we should always give the best. Like donating things for example. We should always donate things that are useful and working in good conditions. Otherwise then its just dumping rubbish onto others! So give with an open heart today! A kind word to a stranger, a smile to your neighbor, a call to an old friend to see how they are..... so many things we can do to cultivate a giving heart.

Of forgiving.... forgiving has always been a struggle for me. Especially if i felt i was betrayed in one way or another. The nun speaks of forgiving as freedom to ourselves. For to err is human nature. The act of forgiveness not only allows the offender to gently accept their mistakes but also helps the forgiver to free themselves of the suffering of anguish caused by the offender! Its a win win situation! Very often it is our fear and broken trust, hurt feelings, pride and ego that gets in the way of forgiving. So today i tell myself, “let it go, Dawn. Let it all go.” For one day the seeds of our own bad deeds will ripen and we will suffer the pain of our own faults and yearn for the same loving kindness and understanding in others. To forgive is divine.... not only to others but to ourselves.

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