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For the first time in my life, i took a nap and woke up late for a gig... i mean like super late. I woke up at hit time. I didn’t know what hit me... but i was exhausted... so exhausted i could barely move or breathe. That was the start of glitch week.

Then i faced a rather frustrating week with technical things. First i ordered some things from MYHABIT.COM and apparently the package couldn’t get delivered to my place so they moved it to Payar Lebar Post Office (which is on the other side of the island from me) and said i had 5 days to pick it up or it will be shipped back to sender. :(

Then a while back i sold my iPad on Amazon. It was then bought this week by an American lady who wanted me to ship it to her friend in Nigeria. However after 3 visits to the post office i have come no closer to shipping the package... 1st, they don’t insure electronic items so i had to refer to buyer if that’s ok. (That was also the day Oli and i had scheduled for a facial/ girls hang which was months overdue. And they booked us massages by mistake so we had to reschedule for next week. After the post office we decided to do a quick coffee and catch up some at least. It started to pour and it took us 20 mins in the rain to get a cab that would take us home!!!)

Next post office i went to the staff refused to send it on my behalf via regular post because she was afraid it may be stolen along the way and if it did it would also reflect poorly on her for allowing me to do so in the first place! The next post office i visited told me there are many online sales scams regarding electronics etc lately and advised me against posting until i have received payment and i can show them the payment receipt and they will help me to post via EMS. Still not insured but at least trackable. Thats the iPad issue that took 3 days out of my week.

Then the microphone on my phone decided to die on me. Sound going in and out when i make or receive calls. After 2 hours and $70 later at Sim Lim Sq it was all fixed up. I even decided to buy a rubber bumper cover instead of the super slick one i have because it keeps sliding out of my hands! Then what do you know... the speaker started to fail in the car on the way home! By the time i got home, my phone is mute. Tried restoring and everything, nothing worked :( Then i went for yoga and had the worst sudden stomach cramps on my way there, i had to turn the cab around and go home and lie down. :((

And while i am crossing my fingers and hoping for miracle with this... my website won’t update right. :( I have been trying all week to figure out why iWeb won’t update my website and publish any changes i’ve made. Ok so trouble shoot result no. 1, somehow my Domain.Sites.2 file moved out of the file its supposed to be in (Library - Applications Support - iWeb). In fact the whole iWeb folder was missing from where it should be and the domain file wound up in my iDisk. Anyway... after fixing that, i could update everything on the site EXCEPT MY BLOG!! So weird i don’t even know what to say... needless to say i am frustrated by various technical problems in my life right now which makes me think how it would be without a website, a facebook page to update, a phone with messages waiting to be answered or the nagging feeling when your phone has gone silent for way to long (is nobody thinking of me? Ha.) no computer to obsess over silly things like facebook or twitter or putting your nose into other people’s lives and have them butt into yours. I wonder....

And i wonder what is the Karmic lesson here for me?? What seeds have i planted in my past to see such a glitchy present? Is the universe trying to send me a message with this unusually bumpy week? Or maybe i am just going through a topsy turvy phase.

I am also in the midst of a huge spring cleaning of my room of stuff... clothes, books, shoes and all the lil and large possessions one thinks they need but really hardly ever use. I am de-cluttering and simplifying. I also have become sensitive to dust and dog fur and have to have as little stuff in my room that collects dust as possible. Actually i’m only halfway through and it already feels pretty good. :)

Hope this blog post makes it out into the universe. Peace, love and light my friends.

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