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Every so often my father (who lives in Cambodia) communicates with us kids through watsapp and email. I came across this a few weeks back and when i needed to be reminded of it most... i opened my email and found it typed out to me by my Dad, addressed to my brother and myself. A wise man, who also told me when i was a kid that i could be anything i wanted to be if i put my mind to it. This same wise man also told me that although its not really okay to miss Sunday bible classes and service to watch the Smurfs and have pancakes, we are all built with a gift inside, God gave us the “conscience”, the sense to know good from bad, right from wrong. So in whatever we say, do or think, if we can live with our deepest conscience and sense of righteousness, chances are, we’re doing okay. I love my Dad - the wise man. :)

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