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PIC ESCAPADES (Part 1 - Sihanouk Ville & Dad's Birthday) - Cambodia and Laos trip with my PIC!

What i have to say about Sihanoukville is that the beaches ain’t all that great (personally i prefer those in Thailand). It’s a 4 hour drive from Phnom Penh, we stayed in a lousy hotel and the “clubbing scene” was creepy. I wouldn’t visit again. Then we went to celebrate Dad’s birthday in PP which was really nice. We ate at a french place called Topaz (good food, great service). We visited the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. It was hard to be there, it just felt like death. But it was an important visit to understand how much suffering the Cambodians went through during the Pol Pot Regime. It never ceases to amaze me, even after several visits there, how the Cambodians today who survived the regime can be so pleasant and peaceful in their disposition. Everyone is so warm and kind. When i do ask them, they say because Buddhism teaches them to forgive and not hold onto the past, but look forward to the future. Amazing. We also did our fair share of shopping and a visit to the FCC ( foreign correspondence club).

Happy birthday Daddy!!!!

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