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PIC ESCAPADES (Part 2 - Siem Reap) Cambodia and Laos trip with my PIC!

Next stop Siem Reap. I was here 3 years ago with mom. And of course we hit all the temples (it was Michaela’s 1st time) and still for me it was magical. The temples in Siem Reap just have a peace and calm and magic to them. Each temple is different, and all the stones tell a story of thousands of years of Cambodian history. We also hit club street!! Partied and boggied our butts off!! I have to highlight Beatocello in Siem Reap. It is a concert held by the incredible Dr. Beat Richner. It is a free cello concert held at Katha Bopha Hospital. Free for all. Where he plays for you and also explains his work in Cambodia. All donations and proceeds go to the hospital. Which by the way is a FREE hospital for women and children. 99% of its income comes from donations through Dr. Richner’s concerts. So don’t be shy about donating! He has single handedly built 5 free hospitals for women and children in Cambodia over the 20 years!!! And as you can imagine prevented alot of fatalities. A true savior to the Cambodians. Check out his story here: . Michaela and I could not stop weeping during his concert and talk. When we left i felt this huge anger as to why the world is so unfair and imbalanced??? I was so ashamed to be one of those who have everything and more that i need, and at times still not be satisfied!! When you realize how little other have and how much they need. And how greed for power and money by a few can ruin the lives of hundreds of thousands innocent and cause such tremendous suffering.

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