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PIC ESCAPADES (Part 5 - Luang Prabang)

Our last stop was Luang Prabang. Easily one of the most fascinating places i have ever seen. We checked into the exquisite Shinta Mani Hotel ( they conduct training for orphans to run every aspect of the hotel and also promotes being eco-friendly). The hotel is beautiful and service is amazing. And they also promote using local produce over imports. One of the best things i have ever done in my life at Luang Prabang is the day with elephants. We spent all day with some elephants at a preservation camp. We walked with them, we bathed them, spoke to them and even kissed them!!! What an incredible experience!! We did the night markets there (of course)! Went to donate to Big brother mouse (a program which allows you to buy books for kids in the villages and they will send it to the villages for them). Visited some Saaifone Contemporary Gallery, which hosted some really nice work by Thep Thavonsouk. We also went to visit the temple of 1000’s of buddhas and watched the Royal Ballet. So much more to see and do in LP!! This is a a place we agreed we will definitely have to come back again.

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